A huge Legend of Zelda Lego set may have been leaked

A huge Legend of Zelda Lego set may have been leaked
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A screenshot shows the Deku Tree from Breath of the Wild.

screenshot: Nintendo

For years, Lego and Nintendo fans alike have had a dream The Legend of Zilda-Releasing themed sets. And for years it never seemed to happenUntil Lego and Nintendo started working together mario Set and people were thinking maybe, maybe, Zelda Next was now, after last year’s evidence that such a set was in the works, a Zelda-themed Lego sets have apparently leaked via a private consumer survey, and people are excited.

Back in the summer of 2020Lego and Nintendo started releasing mario-themed LEGO play sets featuring iconic characters and enemies from the popular platformer franchise. Nintendo and Lego continue this partnership A brick-built NES and TV set followed later that same year. Then in 2021, more mario-Themed sets released And putting out Nintendo and Lego a big one Super Mario 64 block set. inside 2022 They released a giant Lego Bowser. The partnership between the two giants seems to have been a success, so it’s understandable that both would want to keep the gravy train rolling on a new set. The Legend of Zilda suffrage

As reported by the LEGO News site Promobrix, a survey someone took part in seems to have leaked several sets The person wasn’t supposed to share pictures of the set included in the survey online, but here we are. And one of the survey sets is a The Legend of Zilda Decupleset. You can see photos of the supposedly leaked Lego set on Reddit.

A young Link sits in front of the Great Deku Tree as seen in Ocarina of Time on the N64.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
screenshot: Nintendo

Apparently, the The Great Deku Tree There will be a two-set-in-one, allowing fans to choose either one Ocarina of Time Appearance or how it looks Breath of the Wild. The minifigs reported to be included in the set are Link with medium legs and a green outfit inspired by him Ocarina of Time See and a link and Zelda Based on both, with normal minifig legs their Breath of the Wild presence The Breath of the WildThere are parts left over from the set that allow you to build a brick-built version of Hetsu. According to PromobrixThe set will include a total of 1,920 pieces and will retail for anywhere between $200 and $325.

Another piece of evidence that seems to confirm an acquittal Zelda The set returned in November last year. It was about that time Zelda And Nintendo fans discovered it Lego blocked people from submitting new Lego Idea sets based on it The Legend of Zilda. The official website cites a “licensing conflict” that has prompted some to wonder if Nintendo and Lego have their own. Zelda Set to work. And now it seems they do.

Of course, even though this study appears to be real and the evidence points to the set itself being legitimate, it should be noted that any informally leaked set will likely never see the light of day. LEGO always works with different sets and themes and not every planned creation is released. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Perhaps a set like this could be released as well Tears of the kingdomWhich by the end of this year…

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