The Pixel 7 spec sheet mentions 5x optical zoom, face unlock, and more

The Pixel 7 spec sheet mentions 5x optical zoom, face unlock, and more
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The Pixel 7 series is expected to be a fairly mild update compared to the previous generation, but a new spec sheet indicates that the camera may bring a bit more update than previously expected.

This latest Pixel 7 leak claims to feature a special sheet and comparison page for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro courtesy of a Taiwanese mobile carrier. the pictures was first shared on the Google News Telegram channel, and has since been claimed to have been taken down (the carrier in question was not named).

We recommend taking this with a grain of salt due to the nature of leeks, but there are no obvious red flags that we can see.

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That said, what can we potentially learn from this new Pixel 7 series spec sheet?

As we’ve known for months now, this spec sheet repeats the 6.7-inch and 6.3-inch displays of the PIxel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 with their QHD 120Hz and FHD 90Hz panels, respectively. The phones are also noted to have 12GB of RAM and 8GB of RAM respectively, with both 128GB and 256GB models offering the Tensor G2, IP68 water resistance, and both wired and wireless charging.

But this particular sheet seems to confirm a few other details that were previously rumoured. First, fingerprint unlock as well as face unlock support is clearly mentioned. This will confirm what we have done Reporting for several monthsas well as Some other recent leaks. Apparently, the use of a 10.8MP camera used for the front-facing sensor on both phones will help make this feature a reality eventually.

It’s probably the camera department that’s the most interesting here.

According to this Pixel 7 spec sheet, the smaller Pixel 7 will have mostly the same camera specs as the previous model, with a 50MP primary sensor, 12MP ultrawide and no telephoto lens on the back. There will be the previously mentioned 10.8MP camera on the front for selfies and face unlock.

Pixel 7 series specs comparison leaked

Meanwhile, the Pixel 7 Pro will support the same 50MP primary, the same 12MP ultrawide, and the same 10.8MP front-facing cameras, while adding a 48MP telephoto to the mix. That’s the same resolution as the Pixel 6 Pro, but this spec sheet claims the Pixel 7 Pro will upgrade from a 4x telephoto lens to 5x. This will increase the effectiveness of the optical zoom at a distance, as well as increase the hybrid zoom (digital + optical) to a maximum of 30x, up from 20x on the Pixel 6 Pro.

Finally, other camera specs we learned about here include “Movie Motion Blur” and “Macro Focus,” which is exclusive to the Pixel 7 Pro. To put it mildly, “Movie Motion Blur” sounds a lot like replicating Apple’s “Cinematic Mode” on the iPhone, while “Macro Focus” might use the telephoto lens as a macro lens, somehow, the feature is only available on Google’s Pro. – Layer device.

Pixel 7 spec sheet leaked

Regardless, we should learn more about these new mods and see the final spec sheet for the Pixel 7 series in a few days. Google is all set to officially unveil the Pixel 7 series and the Pixel Watch 6 October.

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